TAG Heuer talks with the technical

TAG Heuer is a Swiss luxury watchmaker known for its sports watches and chronographs. At the forefront of the tabulation industry, TAG Heuer, tabulation is an art. TAG Heuer designers, engineers, and artisans have mastered this art through the 154-year-old TAG Heuer, and have developed it in every dial, case and movement produced by TAG Heuer.
TAG Heuer unique artistic achievements in the world, especially reflected in its classic Calera series of watches. TAG Heuer second fully self-produced movement has an unprecedented 80-hour power reserve, with Calella series of watches and chronographs of the classic design, TAG Heuer Carrera series is still rapidly writing its immortal legend.

The art of movement
Located in the world-famous watchmaking holy land of Switzerland Jura area TAG Heuer, with a hundred years of tabulation experience and cutting-edge watchmaking technology, worthy of a true Swiss watchmaking pioneer. From the TAG Heuer two precision chronograph movement, with its iconic classic design by watch lovers and connoisseurs of all ages.

The first chronograph movement is Caliber 1887 movement. This movement by the TAG Heuer Switzerland La Chaux-de-Fonds and Chevenez watchmaking workshop responsible for the production and assembly.
The movement was released in 2009, with extreme precision is known. To commemorate Edouard Heuer invented in 1887 and patented “swing gear”, TAG Heuer in particular, this movement will be named “Caliber 1887”. Since the date of release, Caliber 1887 movement has been well received and won the praise of industry experts in the watch industry, in the 2010 “Geneva Watch Awards” won the “Petite Aiguille”.
In 2013, TAG Heuer released the second chronograph movement – “Caliber CH 80” movement. TAG Heuer R & D team in the development of Caliber 1887 movement on the basis of experience, only two short years to successfully developed this new movement, the dream-like dreams become a reality.

TAG Heuer has been committed to the watch industry to achieve the vertical integration of the whole industry chain, which has invested a total of up to 40 million Swiss francs. At present, TAG Heuer in Switzerland, a total of four watchmaking workshop, production case, dial and the two chronograph movement, which case is located in Corno and Canton Jura production base, and dial production base is located in Tramelan And Canton Bern. TAG Heuer in the field of high-end chronograph is undisputed leader, is also a very few can produce all the major components (movement, dial, case) Swiss watch brand.

From then on, TAG Heuer continually refresh Record at the same time, has maintained his own style. Even replica TAG Heuer watches , but also have the quality and technology.

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