Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 GPS Watch



Not long ago, Casio brought their new generation of outdoor smart watch WSD-F20, while the brand will be the first time into the Pro’s Tre Tre series. To professional mountaineering equipment design direction to build it, I believe that will definitely become a mountaineering enthusiasts between the wrist of the little help.

This Casio Pro Trek series WSD-F20 outdoor smart watch case with a solid synthetic resin material to create, size size of 56.4mm ├Ś 15.3mm, of course, this means that the table part of the dial is also “huge” Reached 1.32 inches. But because of the overall structure of the case, this table with the strap, including the total weight of only 92 grams, so although it has a large body, but will not make the wearer in the mountain, fishing, riding or Any other outdoor movement which felt the slightest sense of burden.

This table has a very cool and very useful feature for climbers, called “Casio Moment Link”, which allows the wearer to use their own time to build a group, the group up to Nine people in real time together. This feature also means that the wearer can share their own location data to map, terrain or satellite display interface mode. In addition, the wearer can send text or voice messages to the entire group or to a specific member.

In addition to connecting to the wearer’s mobile phone side in order to apply the location service, this table also has another noteworthy function, is its own equipped with a separate GPS function module. What is its role? That is, when the wearer is located in the outdoors and the smart phone carried by the body without a signal when the watch built in this piece of high-precision GPS chip will be connected through the antenna way to receive from the three global positioning satellite transmission of location data , And will be displayed in the full color map interface. For mountaineering enthusiasts, this is tantamount to a double insurance measures.

Just as with the traditional “G-Shock” and “Pro Trek” watches, this Pro Trek series WSD-F20 outdoor smart watch 50 meters of water resistance should be (almost) enough to cope with the vast majority of the participation of hydrogen peroxide The occasion. In addition, the watch also meets the US military standard MIL-STD-810, which means that it has passed 10 tests, including the earthquake, moisture, impact resistance, anti-radiation, extreme temperature tolerance and many other features.

Technically, the Pro Trek series WSD-F20 outdoor smart watch system operates on the smart platform Android Wear, compatible with Android 4.3 and higher and IOS 9.0 and later. The watch itself is equipped with a sensor for measuring data including pressure (altimeter), speed (accelerometer), motion (gyroscope), position (magnetic compass), and so on.

In addition to the GPS module, this table also features Bluetooth® V4.1 (low power), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b / g / n), and magnetic charge.

According to Casio, under normal use conditions, the watch will be based on functional use, providing more than 1 day of running time, and if only use its time display function, then its running time can be more than a month.


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