Keep moving – Replica Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II watch

2017 Basel Watch Fair, Tissot launched a new T-Touch Solar solar watch, from the first generation of solar solar models for the first time available, separated by three years (2014) time. This new watch is named Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II watch, simple and intuitive, is for some of the early fans complained about some of the waterproof side of the slightly less T-Touch-style watches and build enhanced models. This watch is very pleasing from the appearance, but we still need to ask ourselves, what is the market for whom it is? When the 1999 first Tissot T-Touch series watch came out, we see is the classic Swiss watch atmosphere and the combination of excellence in the perfect picture. But in today’s impetuous intelligent era, leaving a similar to T-Touch Expert Solar II such a good solar energy meter of the potential consumer groups, have to say that has become smaller and smaller.

In addition to the design style and material use, etc., the new Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II watch and the original T-Touch professional solar watch the difference between the distinction is not clear. But in the appearance of the upgrade, the new watch is still remarkable. However, the 45mm size of the titanium alloy case for the wrist of the smaller people is really not very friendly, but thanks to the ear with a slight curvature of the design, making Xiaobian such a thin wrist people do not look like Will be too embarrassing.

The watch has two styles to choose from, namely the green army style and blue naval style. Of course, in addition to the upgraded disk design style, we can see from the figure, the first generation of solar watch on most of the bare photovoltaic cell area has now been hidden by the dial with its next, this and Citizen’s Eco-Drive series of watches The practice is very similar.

Ceramic is the new use of the material, this Replica Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II watch case is still made of titanium alloy material, but the bezel part of the use of color ceramic, the South S North N East E West W’s guide marks are covered with a layer of luminous material, even in the night, but also clearly identify the direction.

There may be fans of the T-Touch Tissot fans are not very familiar with, in fact, its design concept is very smart and unique. The basic idea is to press the various parts of the sapphire crystal table to use the corresponding function. In other words, if the wearer sees the “altimeter” module at the periphery of the dial, simply press the button on the crown and place the finger on the area on the dial. The watch will enter the altimeter measurement mode. When the pointer and the local digital display will begin to work together to indicate the current height. As a “triple sensor” of the timepiece, this Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II watch with barometer, altimeter and compass three interesting features. Tissot said the new watch has 20 different functions, the range of span from the time zone display and chronograph, to the perpetual calendar and two different alarm mode, can be described as all-round players, convinced.

The new Replica Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II watch waterproof rating of 100 meters, sapphire crystal glass covered “face” allows the sun to drive straight, in order to charge the battery, its life can be up to 1 year.

To be honest, little is known about the new additions to the new T-Touch Solar II watch, and we are likely to be a more reliable and sophisticated system technology update. With the development of the times, smart watches will only be more and more people welcome, and like Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar II watch the most important advantage lies in its long battery life, although there is a considerable A large number of people like those like micro-computer in general, the screen performance ability to burst the intelligent timepiece, but one day a charge of electricity is indeed very annoying, which can reflect the Solar II watch extraordinary.

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